Monday, September 10, 2007

Early Birthdays

Stella's birthday is the 13th (this Thursday) and John's is the 26th (two weeks from this Wednesday). Grandpa and Grandma chose to give them their birthday presents Sunday evening.

Louisa helped Stella open her card.

Of course, John was busting at his seams desiring to open his card as well. But he did wait until Stella was done.

This photo is one of those rare touching-moments that get caught by the camera.

I hope that the kids can remember their Great-Grandparents visiting like this.

I was fortunate enough to know 6 of my Great-Grandparents. My kids only have 2 left alive now. My father's mother died a few years back. And she was the last on the Abrahamson side. Mary doesn't have any grandparents left alive.

And John finally was able to open his card. And the card was funny!

The next morning, when everyone was getting ready for breakfast, John had taken off his jammies, taken off his diaper, and was found looking at the card Great Grandpa and Grandma had given to him.

Of course, John hasn't learned to be shy about his clothing or lack of it yet (One can hope that such conscientiousness will come soon). At least Winter is not too far off. He'll have a bit of a problem going outside in his undies when it's 30 below.

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