Monday, September 10, 2007

A Craft for Home, Sunday School, or VBS

We did this craft when I was a kid at Vacation Bible School at Rock Dell Ev. Lutheran Church, Belview, Minnesota.

The materials are scrap lumber, a bit of cloth to cover the lumber, a stapler to attach the cloth to the board, 37 small finishing nails or such, a picture hanger (a pop-can pop-top lever can work), and two colors of thread.

This particular example is about 5 inches by 10 inches, the width between the rows of nails is about an inch, and the nails are put in about every half-inch.

I hope that you can see the winding pattern for the thread.

Here's what I remember of doing this project.

The teachers had already cut the boards and cloth to the appropriate size.

We kids had to fold the cloth over the board to make a smooth front and staple the cloth to the board on the back of the board.

Next, the pop-can pop-top for the hanger went on in the top center of the back.

Then we measured and put dots where the nails for the cross should go.

We hammered in the nails so that about 1/2 inch was still sticking out.

Then we wound the lower thread in the zig-zag pattern you see in this example.

After that was done we put on the vertical and horizontal bits of thread. This second thread is a different color in this example.

Do whatever you want.

Mom found this craft in the attic when she and Dad were cleaning it out. When Mary and I took Jeremy down to their place for school at the end of August, Mom sent a lot of stuff home with me. This was one of the things.

I hope some of you can use this for your own VBS or such.

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