Sunday, September 16, 2007

Behind, again, in posting

All the photos in this post are from the Clearwater Parish Lutheran Youth Group's annual "Clearwater Shootout."

I'll fill in from Friday to today around the pictures. In this first picture from today is Pr. Stafford on the pistol range.

Friday, Mary and I had to go to Thief River Falls on business. Part banking, part shopping, part preparing for the shootout.

Afterwards we stopped by at Mildred and Oscar N's for a shut-in visit.

We had Donna with us so Mildred and Oscar could meet her.

This second photo is of the soccer game after the shootout was done.

Mary and I got home at supper time on Friday. A little late for family movie night, especially with everything to prepare for Sunday and Monday.

Here's Jordan with a 45lb fiberglass recurve today. Notice her elbow. Jordan is strong. Proper form is to keep the elbow back. But a strong person can pull the string with her bicep rather than her shoulder. We'll work on her form for drawing the bow. But I pity the boy that gets on her bad side.

Saturday I held worship, Saturday School, and Confirmation Class at Mt. Olive. Afterward I came home to prepare for Sunday and Monday. Sunday, was, of course the LYS shootout. Monday is Winkel, and we'll have a bunch of pastors and their families as guests at Oak Park and the parsonage.

For the shootout today we had an archery range: traditional bows included a wood longbow of 65lbs, and a fiberglass recurve of about 45lbs; compound bows included a child's 30lb teaching bow, a 50lb compound bow and a 75 lb compound bow.

We also had a .22 caliber rifle range and a .22 caliber pistol range. There were three different rifles and two revolvers on these ranges. On revolver was single action the other double or single action.

I held Sunday morning worship at Oak Park at 8am today. So I got to sleep in an extra hour. It was a good thing too. I got to bed very late this morning (3am) and Stella decided she was needing attention at 5am. Mary was busy tending Donna. I was pretty bleary eyed at worship this morning. I hope that I made sense during the sermon.

Second service was at Nazareth and late service at St. Petri. I stayed up at St. Petri for the shootout.

We had a shotgun station with clay pigeons. I had 2 and a half cases of clay pigeons. But those were used up quite quickly.

I fixed up a garbage can stew in the early am hours on Sunday before I went to bed. I use my smoker garbage can as an oven around a 5 gallon stock pot which I filled with ingredients.

I built the campfire at about 4pm to get the stew going so we could eat at 5:30.

Thanks to the parents who made this possible and their kids who worked it all our and enjoyed the day. It was a very beautiful day. Thanks to Brett for supervising Archery. Thanks to Wayne for supervising rifle and shotgun. Thanks to Eldon for supervising shotgun. Thanks to Laura for helping out in so many ways and taking all the pictures. Thanks to Laurie and Brent for the ear plugs. Thanks to Kim for supervising pistol. Thanks to Dawn, Eldon, Jim, and Tami for providing the food. Thanks to Eldon for the bails for the Archery backstop. Thanks to the Clearwater LYS for putting this on. And thanks to the kids, families and pastors from Bagley, Warrod, and Audubon who made the long journey to have fun with us today.

Sadly, I got a bad sunburn on my head, ears, and neck. I was wearing a hat most of the time. But I had used my psoriasis medicine, and that makes me much more sensitive to sunlight.

Of course, around St. Petri is a wonderful woods with several good climbing trees. This tree is in front of the church. And it begs to be climbed. The kids obliged the tree.

One family from our parish couldn't be here today. Jim and Tami S's family had a tragedy. At about noon today Jim's father passed away. Jim, Tami, David, and Brieley were with him in Grand Forks.

At supper time Tami and Brieley stopped by to check in on us and how things were going. Thanks, Brieley and Tami. And everyone, please keep their family in your prayers during this time of loss.

I have more photos at this link. I hope to have them uploaded to a faster server soon. But I've got some other things to do first.

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