Thursday, August 23, 2007

School Shopping: Clothes

Louisa and Elsie gave me a gift certificate to Kezar Music for Father's Day (By the way this is the best music store in Northwestern Minnesota). It was such a thoughtful gift. I think their mother had something to do with the choosing of it. So I took Louisa and Elsie with me, though not Mom.

We came to TR to make bank deposits, to redeem my gift certificate, to get clothes for Jeremy for school, and to get some groceries.

So what did I get at Kezar Music? A CD full of bluegrass renditions of Van Halen tunes called "Strummin' with the Devil." As a teenager of the 1980s, Van Halen was a pretty big influence, and AC/DC, and many, many others. I have Hayseed Dixie's bluegrass tribute to AC/DC. You can find Hayseed Dixie recordings at the Internet Archive.

Wow! This should freak out readers. Man! A Confessional Lutheran Pastor listens to this kind of music? Well, I like a wide variety of music, from Gregorian Chant to SAVAE's Distant Echoes, Michael Hedges, Mylon LeFevre, Petra, Bach, Scarletti, Beethoven, Mozart, Schubert, Brahms, Waylon, Willie, Johnny, Marty Robbins, Depeche Mode, Thompson Twins, Metallica, Whoopie John Willfahrt, Prince, Tanya Tucker, Django Reinhardt, Francesco Tarrega, Fernando Sol, Luis Milan, Kitaro, Dana Berger, Bruce and the Mechanics, George Straight, Faith Hill, The Boys from the Lough, U2, Lick the Tins, Scott Joplin, Janice Joplin, The March Violets, etc., etc.............

I hope that no one is offended by this variety, or by the particulars. I like "The Man with the Big Iron on His Hip," "Ghost Riders," "In Heaven There is No Beer," "I Don't Want Her, You Can Have Her...," "When Doves Cry," "The Cowboy and the Poet," "Pastorale," "Sonata 32," and soooo many others.

It's fun to have some of the music of my youth presented in a style that is so antithetic to the original style, except for the point that Bluegrass and Heavy Metal are two of the most demanding forms of music in speed and precision in performance. Of course, people who don't like Heavy Metal cannot appreciate how closely it is related to the Classical music of Beethoven, Scarletti, and Bach.

Well, that's way more on my music preferences than I thought I'd write. I hope you enjoy the samples at the sites I had links to above.

So, I got my CD.

But I forgot to use the gift certificate. Rats! Well, I can use a music stand. Perhaps I'll use it as partial payment on a music stand.

Joe Kezar, the owner of Kezar Music, keeps such a beautiful array of plants throughout the growing season. I had Louisa and Elsie sort of pose amidst the nice flora Joe and his mother keep around the music store. Milo, one of Joe's employees, has done most of the searching and ordering for my odd and eclectic taste in music.

After Kezar's we went to Northern Lights Bookstore. There I bought several shirts for Jeremy for his coming school year.

Jeremy is going to attend Echo Charter School this year. For Jeremy, it's kind of like going off to Hogwarts, but in stead of it being a Magic School, it's a school that will challenge him where he needs to be challenged. Plus, my folks are going to afford him room and board. As anyone who has sent their child(ren) off to school away from home, you know how much this means. So, Jeremy will live in the house that I grew up in, with my parents. This probably makes him a statistic of one of those sociological surveys that evaluates how many children are raised by their grandparents. Whatever.

I know many of the staff at that school and have known them for several years. I trust that whatever Jeremy's eccentricities they can work with him and whip him into shape so that he can have the skills he needs to do what God has placed him here to do.

Well, after all, we went to Northern Lights to get some clothing for him. One of the items was a gaudy, weird, and huge sweater. Louisa, Elsie, and I though-with much mirth- that Jeremy might like it. Kind of in the style of the Christmas Sweater that Ron Weasley received (though the character, Ron, hated it). Jeremy loved it and appreciated the humor of the gift.

We also got several books, and a few CDs, including "Markahuasi: Traditional and Contemporary Music of the Andes" (Here's a site that can give you a flavor of the music, sorry if you can't read Italian, but the MP3s should give you a good example); and Twila Paris' Christmas albumn "its the thought," along with "Te Black Mountain Male Chorus of Wales."

Now, try to peg my personality based on musical style. Dare ya.

One additional thing we bought for 50 cents. A clown outfit that would fit Stella. My original thought was that the outfit would make a great kite.

But Stella loves it. Once we showed it to her she would hardly take it off.

We also got several gifts to be used for birthdays and Christmas presents.

After groceries, we went home. I worked on SS schedules. And, I suppose, that is what I should be doing more of now. So, I'll sign off and try to finish off one of the schedules.

Good night.

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