Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Mavis and Monday

This first photo is of Mavis holding Donna on Saturday when Mary and I took Donna to see Mable. While we were in the Thief River Care Center we also went to see Mavis.

Mavis doesn't like this photo because she has her oxygen tubes on. And she scolded me for taking the picture. But I wanted you to see Mavis. And I wish I had good photos of all my members, but I don't. I'd like to write about all of them.

Some time I should also write a nice post about the wonderful job the Congregational Janitors do. Never under appreciate what the janitors do for a congregation's building.

Monday was a day of rest for me. Mary took all the kids except Jeremy with her to Grand Forks to do some shopping. Jeremy and I cleaned, read; Jeremy did homework; I did some computer maintenance; both Jeremy and I worked together today.

I've made stir-fried rice about 4 or 5 times before today. Today I got it right. What that means is that I didn't burn the rice or mess up any of the other ingredients and the result tasted great.

Jeremy and I ate a lot. But Mary and the others didn't get home till later.

After they did get home I remembered that Matt had invited Briley S. to go with to GF and stay the night. I made a joke when I first saw Briley "Hey! who's that? Did you get him at the dollar store? He's not new, he must be second hand." Briley was nice and smiled at the joke. OK, I was lame in my joke. A

At bedtime there was a tree frog on the window at our door. It is peculiar place for a tree frog to hide since it is 3 feet off the ground and just above a door knob-- it's nowhere near a safe place. But there it was.

After devotion the kids watched "Thunder Pants" again. Louisa has a crush on Rupert Grint. She's going to go ballistic when she sees that I put this in the blog. Ha!

We had devotion and let the kids finish the movie. Matt has to go to work in the morning, and so do I.

After we had the kids into bed I worked on another couple of bows. Here's a photo of the sapling bow I'm shaping right now. The yellow ruler is 3 feet long.

I got a message from J.D. Duff in Oregon. He's a bowyer. He's hoping to send me a good bow stave for an English Longbow fairly soon. JD is well known in the profession of bowyering. And I thank him for his kindness and consideration.

I trimmed out the Ash sapling bow and the handle area. There is a bit of a hinge in the lower limb, but I worked the stave a bit tonight to remove the hinge. It looks pretty good now. So now I start tillering.

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