Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Mable and Sunday's Storm

Sunday I held worship at St. Petri, Nazareth, and Oak Park. Communion services were held at the first two. Late in the afternoon Louisa and I went to see Mable and her family. We had devotion.

Mable's cancer is attacking very fast. She does not have much time left. Please keep her and her family in your prayers.

Louisa and I watched the storm coming when we went home.

The first two photos are from the same lightning strike. It was after dark. And after this lightning strike our power was out for a little over 2 hours.

In the first photo you can see how brightly the lightning lit up the area.

In this second photo you can see the same bolt of lightning as it came down just on the other side of Oak Park. Digital cameras are great, except for the delay from pushing the button until the photo is taken. But there are other things that make up for this.

I had an aluminum tripod for my camera. And I had goose-bumps, the hair on my neck stood up, I purd-neer peed my pants, my ears hurt, and I fell to the ground after this strike. Yeah, I was scared. I decided that standing by an alumninum lightning rod was not such a good idea during a storm like this and went up to the house.

We were in a tornado watch. So I stayed up until the watch was done.

But I kept taking photographs of the storm.

I have several sets of double A rechargeable batteries for my camera and whatever else needs AA batteries.

I went through them all and two SD memory cards taking pictures. Most of them were just black. But some turned out spectacularly.

Of course, the spectacular photo is what one hopes for. I also had taken some video and have saved some of the video as photos to show them here.

Off to the west it looked like there might have been some rotation of clouds. The lightning that direction was more diffused and red. The clouds more formidable.

I didn't move the kids into the basement during the watch. There was only a short time, about 45 minutes until it was done.

And there was plenty of light from the lightning to show me what the clouds near us looked like. So I let them sleep. It would be interesting to hear from my members as to how many of them slept through this storm without knowing of the tornado watch, or else, who watched the beauty of the lightning strikes.

The basket ball backboard in these photos is on our parking lot at Oak Park. You can get an idea of the scale from the last one. The photos were taken about 90 feet from this basket ball backboard at the swing-set by Oak Park. In the first photo you can see the swing set. For the last three photos I put the camera on the platform on the left above the slide in the first photo above. I kept snapping photos and hoping for the best. Most were just black. But a few turned out rather nice, I think.

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