Thursday, August 02, 2007

Drop off the Car and Get it Back

Wed morning I fixed breakfast for Mary. The kids ate cereal earlier, but that didn't prevent Stella from begging for food from her mom. She watched every bite: Plat, fork, mouth. She opened her mouth like a little nestling hoping for a morning worm from her momma.

Her con worked.

And Stella is growing and changing like a weed.

Today John won the Cheech Marin look alike contest. Thanks to his older sisters he defies Deuteronomy 22:5. However, he's not a man yet. He still has some years to grow accustomed to Confessional Lutheran values and sensibilities as well as doctrine.

I hope his sisters catch on a bit sooner. I don't necessarily want to hear him singing the lyrics to "Earache, My Eye" at this age. Remember, he already knows Ozzy's "Iron Man."

It's just that I had a bit of a flashback to the '70s and the band contest scene in Cheech and Chong's "Up in Smoke" where Cheech wears a pink tutu and sings "Earache, My Eye." I do hope for a better future for my children.

We brought my car into Rosebud Cenex this morning (Wed). We showed off the new baby to the workers there.

"Nine Kids! You're for real?"

"Yep, and they all want to kiss the new addition." Just like Stella here at supper. She's got tomato paste all over her face, but she still wants some sugar from Donna.

Thursday morning we picked up the fixed car ($63). And now I know my rear stabilizer bolts will hold through a drive on a grassy road.

Donna is changing so quickly in this first week. She is so calm and collected and looking around. She sleeps very well after she's fed.

Because of the car repair I wasn't able to do some of the visits I had planned on this morning. I'll take care of them Friday.

This afternoon we went to Red Lake Falls Library to see the Zoo Man. Now here is an interesting guy with an unusual collection of interests.

There were about 80 people gathered, mostly children with their parents. I took 5 of ours. He had half an hour and showed us a gecko, a milk snake and two pythons. I didn't get pictures of everything, but here's a slide show of some of the action.

And yes, he did encourage me to read more about these critters. Here's a link to the photos.

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