Monday, August 20, 2007

A couple more photos from Char and Dave's Visit

These are from Sunday. Louisa and Madeline decided to play "twins" and dressed up similarly for church. Just before the service they were goofing off and each was taking turns wearing Madeline's glasses.

"Wow, like, I couldn't tell them apart! Go figure?"

Then, of course we had the obligatory group shot photos after we ate so that we could have some memento of the time they spent with us.

So here are all 12 children that were in the house since last Wednesday.

John, Henry, Elsie, Madeline, Louisa (holding Stella), Clara (holding Grace), Sophie's little head sticking out between, Matthew (holding Donna), and Jeremy.

All in all a great visit.

And here are Dave , Jeremy, Donna, Mary, and Char.

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