Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Con revisited with other stuff

Bud and Dorothy H. are long time friends of our family. Their daughter, Sarah, used to stay over at our place when my brother and I were in school. Dorothy sometimes worked nights at the Belview, MN nursing home. I haven't talked to them in years. But I love them as my own family.

Mom and Dad wanted some recent photos of Donna for Bud and Dorothy. I put them at esnips in my collection on Donna's birth. There are 7 new photos of Donna and the family at that link.

My cousin, Jenni, is going to be married in October. So that is when I plan to take a couple of weekends off. Mary and I have to do a bit of trip planning. I know it's going to make a bit of a mess with Wednesday School. But I do need a couple of weeks away this year. It has been quite busy.

And though I know that the shut-ins don't read this blog, I am telling all the sick and infirm that they do not have any permission from me to go to the hospital or die when I'm away. For all you blog readers (and there were over 1000 last month) my shut-ins and my congregation know my sense of humor fairly well at this point. I've been at these congregations longer than 50% of the pastors who have served them. So I'll announce to them that they don't have my permission to have any pastoral emergencies during this time. But they will know who they can call upon when I'm away.

Sorry for the fuzzy photo above. It was bed-time, and the kids were a bit excitable. They couldn't stand still very long. This was the best photo of the bunch I took with them standing. Jeremy, Matt, and Donna are not in the photo.

Sophie was doing her "kissy lips face" because she loves to kiss Donna. My lips don't do that. I can't close off my nostrils with my upper lip. She inherited that from Mary.

Anyway, the title of this post mentioned the Con from the other night. Well, I have some curious news. I called Mom tonight. She said that during their Ladies' Aid meeting Thursday evening (which started at 7pm) they received a telephone call from someone who called collect and said there was an accident and a death.

It looks like somebody found a list of ELS congregations and was dialing through the list to get money. I hope that the collect call wasn't really from some foreign place. One scam is to dial from a foreign country and get the mark (the sucker) to push the buttons for call forwarding. Then the con artist can make all kinds of calls to a different number on the congregation's phone bill.

Well, I'm all tuckered out for this evening. If you want the new photos of Donna and others, click on this line. They should be the first seven photos in the list.

Good night. Somebody remind me to tell everyone about my freaky dream the other night.

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