Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Catch-Up and Guests

Wednesday I played catch-up with some of my office work. I have uploaded the last three weeks of sermons to the mypodcast site. The link to hear the sermons is on the top left of this page.

Tuesday I was sore, but not too bad, from my physical exertion in splitting wood. I felt like I should do some more harsh exertion, but I didn't listen to my body (and Wednesday morning the muscles in between my vertebrae told me how stupid I was for not listening to them).

My hair was too long. Stella and John could grip it an pull it. Since my 3rd year in College I've cut my own hair short with an electric clipper. My mom has told me that this short hair cut makes me look like I'm a concentration camp survivor. But I like my hair short. I don't care about the looks too much, just so that it's not offensive to my congregations. I have some doubts that my styles in college would fly too well here. I had grown my hair down to my shoulder blades in college and tied it back in a pony tail.

I remember one Thanksgiving break when I came home with my pony tail and Mom kept looking past my face to the pony tail seemingly wondering "What have I borne into this world?"

I've been letting the kids cut my hair in the past year. Part of the reason for this is to give them some knowledge and experience, another part is that it just feels nice to have someone cut my hair. Elsie did the main cutting today, but Clara and John wanted part of the action, so I let them have a few swipes at my head.

If the person doing the cutting moves the clipper too fast, well, it hurts. That's why Clara and John only got a few swipes. We trimmed the fuzzies on John's kneck after my haircut.

Elsie did a great job.

It was a late night finishing off some of the office work.

Wednesday we had guests. We were happy to have Laura D. and her children over. Thank you, Laura, for the lunch.

The kids played wonderfully well together. There was a bit of mischief with some spray paint, but we talked to my kids about their responsibility as hosts so that they won't look for trouble in the future.

Laura's family went home before supper.

Lonny called, his mom, Betty, is now in the nursing home in Bagley. She's having some severe troubles with her memory. I'll go see Henry and Betty in the morning and then go to TR to see some of the other shut-ins. Please keep Henry and Betty in your prayers

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