Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Visits, Pie, and Visitors

Today Quinten came over to work on the faucet for our kitchen sink. We are so blessed to have congregations and members who take care of us so well.

In the afternoon I took my cousin, Amber, and my daughters, Louisa and Elsie, along on shut-in visits. We had lunch at Johnnie's. Bruce and Denise are so good to us. After lunch we went to Louella's. Louella is doing well. We spent some time there. The girls and Louella got along very well.

After that we went to Marlowe's. But she wasn't home. We knocked until all the neighbors came to peek out their doors, in case we were knocking at their doors. I'll try again with Marlow later on. After this we stopped at the library to drop off a few items we had borrowed and went to Wal-Mart. I got the oil changed on my car there and picked up some grocery items.

We got home just before 6pm.

I grilled fake mignon for supper (that's hamburgers wrapped in bacon) with grilled asparagus and hash browns. And Matthew surprised us with dessert.

Matthew put together a gluten free lemon meringue pie for us.

This was his first pie ever.

It was delicious.

I hope he can work well to improve his cooking skills (as I hope for all my kids). But thank you, Matthew, for a nice desert.

We've had a large number of visitors to this blog this week. Part of that is due to all the readers of Primitive Archer magazine. As regular readers know, I've been working on a bow made from an Ash sapling since last November. I posted my work to Primitive Archer's forum. And a great number of people checked out my bow. I thank them for the time they took and for their encouraging words.

Pappy, some day I hope to produce something that the readership of the magazine would enjoy. Thanks for all the positive comments from the readership.

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Jerry Gernander said...


Thanks for the OtherJoe Audio!
I'm commenting here because I don't know your e-mail address and so couldn't comment on the podcast e-mail thingy.

Were you unable to find Psalm 118:25-26 in chant form?

And I liked the title Joedidly!