Friday, July 06, 2007

Testing the Bow

It's easy to see where the hinges are in this photo. A hinge is where a limb of the bow bends more than the rest of the limb. The limbs should bend equally and gracefully in a sort of parabola. Mine doesn't.

Here is a photo of a 20 inch draw. The weight is about 35 pounds at this point.

A very nice thing about this bow is that there is almost no twisting in the limbs. I could put 3 arrows within a two inch circle at 12 yards. But you can see the hinges in the upper and lower limbs.

The lower limb has no cracking, the upper limb has a bit of cracking.

Matthew asked to shoot the bow. He drew it to about 25 inches for three rounds. Note the sharp hinging in both limbs.

Also, notice Matthews nice elbow position in his draw. He has a bit of sway back but that's partly because he's not strong enough to pull the bow back any further.

Here's Matt's follow through. The bow goes out and down gracefully to the left of his body while he holds his right hand and lowers his arm gently.

He might get good at this!

Here's a close-up of the crack at the hinge in the upper limb. The crack is through the first three rings of grain. I'll try my experiment with the rawhide to see if it helps any.

But I have my eye on that windfall ash tree at my Dad's place for some good staves.

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