Friday, July 13, 2007

Pennington Co. Fair

After flying kites on Friday; Matthew, Louisa, Elsie, Clara, Sophie, John, and I set off for the Pennington Co. Fair.

On our way we stopped at Gloria's place. She had rotator cuff surgery and is in quite a bit of pain. She goes back to the Dr. this Wednesday and will begin therapy. She expects to be in church Sunday. Please keep her in your prayers.

Several of our members participate in this fair. Here is Whitney N. Her lips and nose are blue--I think from cotton candy. At the horse exhibit several of her siblings, cousins, and friends were at work. They all did very nicely with their horses.

We saw Jonah and Alison and their children in the horse barn and cattle barn. Quinten and Alyssa were there with their kids also.

There was a huge wall cloud over the fair which rained down very strongly for quite some time. During the lighter parts of the rain we ran from one exhibit building to another, getting wet and laughing.

Johnny wouldn't quite get up the nerve to pet some of the baby goats. He wanted pop corn, pizza, and cotton candy. We made it through the vendor areas and the 4H and craft exhibits. The rain finally tapered off. But it was fun to walk through the puddles and streams of water.

The kids were a bit ticked off that I wouldn't let them play any of the carne games. We got a pizza and corn dogs for the kids and watched a bit of a magic show.

After eating we went over to see the horse exhibits again. They had resumed after the rain stopped, but the performance area was slick with mud.

A couple of the kids were a bit pouty because I didn't let them go on the rides. But we had already spent several hours at the fair during the rain. And the rides couldn't continue until the lightning stopped.

We crossed some rivulets of rainwater runoff by tossing the smaller kids. Clara's right at the weight where I can't toss her so well, but she's too small to jump a 4 foot wide stream. So I tossed her. She got all the way across, but she landed on her backside and got all wet anyway. Of course, she blamed me. I hope she can remember it as a fun adventure.

There's no church at Mt. Olive tomorrow. It's Holy Rodeo Saturday. The second Saturday in July is the Gonvick Rodeo. The Mt. Olive Ladies' Aid hosts an annual bake sale at the rodeo. That's one scheduling difficulty with my Saturday scheduled congregation. Sometimes events work out on Saturday. So I bend with the wind like a willow.

I hope to get to the rodeo in the morning. The kids hope to see Harry Potter in the afternoon. If I get to either, I'll let you know.

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