Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Night in the Fort and False Labor

In the evening the kids were pleased to pose with the fort. Only Jeremy, Matt, and Stella were not going to be staying over night.

To help celebrate a good clean-up of the branches and a successful fort building Mary made some home-made lemonade and sent that out with some snacks for the kids.

My concern was that they not drop any food, nor that they keep any food in the fort: skunks and bear like food- as do many other critters of the night.

The girls and John got settled in. I did some work over in the office but would check in with them every now and again.

Finally, after reaching that balance of work accomplished vs. tired to the bone I also sacked out with the kids in the fort.

About 2am Mary came out. "I think it's time."

So, Louisa took charge of the ones out in the fort. Jeremy took charge of the ones in the house. Mary and I left for the hospital at Fosston.

It was a very draining and uneventful stress filled time at the hospital. Chris and Alan took some of the kids the next morning. Alyssa and Quinten took some of the others. Thank you so much.

We were anxious at the hospital. After 12 or more hours of augmenting labor with pitosin, they decided to release Mary.

Here we are at 3:15pm Tuesday. Mary's signing the release form.

You know, I used to pull all nighters quite frequently, especially in college. But at 40 years old with poor exercise habits, it really is a drag.

I want to apologize to the kids for being so cranky after getting home. And my stupid crankiness continued the next day. Sorry kids. I took a lot of vitamin B.

We'll try the fort again.

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