Tuesday, July 03, 2007

New Power Steering Line and Tires

For those who haven't seen Immanuel Lutheran Church at Radium, MN, here's a nice photo of the church building. It's located a couple miles north of highway 1 about 7 miles east of Warren.

Tuesday morning Mary had an pre-natal appointment to be sure the baby is all arranged properly for delivery. On the way she dropped me off in Oklee to pick up the car.

Scott fixed the power steering line. Brad and Lana, we'll get your car back to you tomorrow. Thank you so much for letting us use it.

I got back home and after the kids did their chores I showed them an episode of Dr. Who. This was the first episode of the new series in 2005 titled "Rose." Stella and John sat in my lap while the mannequins started moving around at the climax of the episode. Now even Louisa says she likes Dr. Who. I think she identifies both with Rose and her mom in this episode. Rose can't help being a smart alec and her mom can't stay off the phone. My mom remembers when my brother and I would watch the show in the 1970s and 80s. My brother would go around shouting "Exterminate!!! Exterminate!!!" in a perfect Dalek voice. When my son Jeremy told my mom that he and the other kids liked the show she said, "You mean the guy who flies around in a milk carton and trips over his 40 foot scarf?" Well, the boys understood the first part, but they haven't seen a Tom Baker episode yet. So I had to explain that to them.

After Dr. Who, Mary got home, we ate, then Mary, most of the kids and I went to Thief River Falls. The girls and John needed haircuts. The van needed tires. We needed to do wash (our washing machine is waiting for some parts and a repair).

Well, the tires took 2 hours to install. Matt and Stella came with me. When I worked at Miller Motors in Mankato it took me 1/2 hour or less to put 4 new tires on a passenger vehicle. I wasn't too happy about the time involved.

I picked up Mary and the others the hair cut place had already been closed for an hour. We went to wash clothes. Mary got MickeyD's for the kids.

We got home around 7:30pm. Jeremy and I ate, we had read aloud, devotion, and then sent the kids to bed.

The second photo is of a freshly baled hay field near our house. The bales are between 5 and 6 feet in diameter (nearly 2 meters), about 5 feet long, and can weigh between 750 to 1500 pounds (340Kg -680Kg). While it is possible for a child to roll a dry bale made of oat straw one needs big equipment to move bales of grass, hay, or flax--especially if they are fresh and have a lot of moisture content.

An additional note: Mary suggested that auto insurance companies should offer a special rider for pregnant women to cover them for the little accidents that tend to take place during gestation. Family and members of Clearwater, you can ask her about it. The rest of you, well, there's some kind of Murphy's law that states: "putting money into fixing a vehicle will tend to increase the likelihood that the vehicle will be damaged within 2 hours." Add the suggestion for a pregnancy rider and you'll get the idea that our van has a new sign of usage.

I can't really complain. I did the same thing to our previous van, just after I had just put money into fixing it, but I didn't have the excuse that Mary has.

Well, with hymns, themes, and outline planning done for the rest of summer I'll need to go through the Sunday and Wednesday School Curriculums.

Oh, Aaron C. lent me his trumpet a while back. Just so you know, Jill and Aaron, I've managed to learn a couple of hymns now. I still sound like a sick cebu(zebu) when I'm playing. Maybe I'll have a couple of Christmas hymns ready for the program this December...maybe.


Steve Krikava said...

Your June 21 post on 'Convention Week Stuff' had a picture of my brother, Jim Krikava. I discovered it yesterday while doing a periodic web search on my family members.

(For some reason, I couldn't leave a comment on that post, so I'm sending you the comment on your most recent post.)

It's true that Jim now serves a congregation on Cape Cod. But you should know that he is a Minnesota farm boy, grew up near Glenville. He also is a former drum major for the University of Minnesota Football Marching Band. He also served for 15 years in Prague, Czech Republic, establishing a congregation there.

Steve Krikava
Edina, MN

Joe Abrahamson said...

Thank you. In that post I was only referring to where they had come from for the Convention. Jim and I played jazz together a couple of times back in the mid 1980s. A classmate of mine (Wayne Kropa) at BLC introduced us in the band room one day. We did (at least, I tried to keep up with the rest on) a couple of Antonio Jobim and Stevie Wonder. Jazz was a new thing to me then, and it still is now.

It's good to hear from you. And thanks for dropping a note.