Monday, July 02, 2007

Korey and Bernice

Korey called early this morning. He didn't have a rim and tire, but he would be over with a jack and impact wrench at 8:45. Bless you, Korey. He got the tire off. I took it to town. It was shot but Scott gave me a used replacement so I could get to a tire shop. I'll do that tomorrow. Got home. I put the tire back on. Korey came and tightened it up and took his jack home. Thank you again, Korey.

Korey and his crew got done haying at midnight this morning. Add the couple of hours it takes to put away the equipment and clean up then you'll know how little sleep he had and why I am so indebted to him.

But then, most people are generous like that up here in our neck of the woods. It is a great honor to be able to serve them.

I went off to the funeral. I had a few stops in Thief River Falls first, it's on the way.

Bernice started painting water colors late in life and enjoyed it quite a bit. Her kids gave me permission to post my photos of them here.

Sorry about the ghost-images of me taking the photos. The paintings were framed with glass. My reflection shows through a bit.

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