Friday, July 13, 2007


Friday, before supper, before the fair, I had a promise to keep. The girls wanted to fly kites. Louisa had acquired a kite from the library's reading program. But it was one of those cheap plastic kites. And they had broken it just trying to put it together.

Over the past several years I've acquired a few good kites made of nylon, fiberglass and metal. The kind that won't break when a good strong wind comes up.

We have plenty of wind.

Let me say that again. We have plenty of wind.

As one friend put it "There are no trees to block the view." So, in the first photo we have Elsie flying my penguin kite. I bought this kite because the penguin is the logo for Linux. Linux is the operating system that runs all my computers. The kids' school computer and Jeremy and Matthew's own personal computer (from which they are grounded) runs Windows.

I could go into a huge diatribe about the benefits of one versus the other, but basically people should use what they are able to use productively. My experience is that you put Linux on a machine and use it. You put Windows on a machine and you baby it. Both have their problems. But I prefer the infrequency of trouble that Linux gives me.

Louisa is flying a 5 foot kite in the second shot. This one was given to us by my Mom. Thanks, Mom. It's a great kite. The mylar tails are 20 feet long. It takes a bit of time to wrap them up when your done flying kites.

The third kite is a nylon V style kite with a cross brace. Clara was able to hold it down in the wind today. Sophie and John kept running under the kites and looking up. That's fine as long as the kites are in the air. But if one goes down we didn't want them near the string in case the kite took off again in a gust. Kite string is strong and thin. And it can make hamburger of an arm fairly quickly in a good gusty wind--which is what we had today.

After kite flying we set off for a shut-in visit and the fair.

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