Thursday, July 26, 2007

Jeremy Goes to LYA: No baby Yet

On Wednesday, after making all the proper arrangements for Mary, in case she goes into labor, I took Jeremy down to Alexandria, MN where my father met me. Dad would take him home tonight. If possible, they would tour Echo Charter School in the morning.

We met at Wendy's on the south side. As per Mary's and my arrangement, I asked the manager at Wendy's, "Did Mary Abrahamson call to say she was going into labor." The somewhat shocked young man said, "I, ah, no. No I didn't get such a call."

"Thank you." I said.

We had a gluten free chili and chocolate frostee. And I drove back home. On the way I stopped at the Fosston Hospital. "Did Mary Abrahamson check in? She would be having a baby if she did." The nurse smiled and said, "No, she hasn't," with a look of curiosity on her face. "I had to go to Alex this morning, I thought I'd stop by to check on the way home, just in case." She smiled. I went home.

When I got home and saw Mary, I noticed that the baby had dropped a bit. Given her symptoms we thought it might be that evening. It weren't so.

It's almost noon on Thursday, still no baby. Pr. Stafford called to let me know he could fill in for me on Saturday at Mt. Olive. Thank you so much.

So, Yesterday, or the day before, I don't remember which, I played a Dub song and the kids all started dancing.

Dub was really popular back when I was in college. I guess there's a reason why.

Anyway, it's Thursday noon. I did some sermon work this morning. We had rain, and it's cooler today. No baby yet.

Time to eat.

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