Monday, July 30, 2007


This machine means that there's construction. It's called the Piranha. So they're threatening to tear up the road for resurfacing this week.

There are two stretches that I use each week that will be under construction: From Grygla to the Gully road. And the RL Co 6 between the Oak Park road and the Trail/Fosston road.

After church I got the kids back and put them to work finishing up cleaning so that I could get Mom and Donna. I went to get Mary and Donna. While at the Hospital I took Mary and Donna over to see Esther R. Esther fell and broke her pelvis this last week. She has a lot of pain moving from bed to chair. At her age there isn't much they can do for her. Keep her in your prayers, please. She sure liked to hold Donna.

After a couple of other stops in the hospital/nursing home we went to the grocery store to pick up a few things and then home.

Hop on Mom!!!

Everybody wanted to hold the new baby!

My folks arrived safely this evening with Jeremy. I put other photos at

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