Sunday, July 01, 2007

Fair Prizes

Sunday morning I used Brad and Lana's car and held worship at all three congregations. Thanks Brad and Lana.

Then it was time to figure out what to do about the tire. Someone at church suggested that Korey might have a compatible rim. So I gave him a call. Carole answered. Korey and all the guys were in the field trying to get the hay baled She'd let him know when they got in, but she didn't expect them until very late.

So we did some work around the house and took photos of the entries in the Red Lake County Fair. Here's Louisa with her third place ribbon on her potted plant entry. She only entered one thing. Unfortunately, the day before she entered it in the fair we had a storm that caused some wind damage to her plants. But she did well anyway. Good job, Louisa.

Elsie entered a number of things and won a few ribbons.

She got a third place for her cross pillow that she did at VBS.

She took seconds on a beautiful little multi-media picture of a picnic. She spent a lot of time cutting out the tiny pieces of construction paper to make a woven blanket, people, food, cloud and sun. The other second place was on her potted plant display.

She took first place with her crocheted purse. Good job, Elsie.
Clara entered several projects taking a third place with her multi-media sculpture of a chair on a hill out of construction paper and ink.

She took second with her crocheted pillow and a hand-stitched cat pillow.

Good job, Clara.

Sophie entered two projects. Her abstract multi-media earned a participation ribbon.

But she took second with her potted plant.

Great job, Sophie.

I'm not sure how all these things are arranged and judged. I haven't read the rules. But Mary pointed out that since our kids aren't in 4H the standards and groupings of ages are much broader, and that it can be more difficult to win.

So here's Mary. Here's here second place with lilies in a vase.

It took a few tries to get this photo. She was either rolling her eyes or frowning that I'd take her picture. She knew I wanted to put it in the blog. I wonder were our kids have inherited the habit of frowning for photos?

Can you tell that the baby is due on the 23rd of this month? Not from this photo!

By the way, since I upgraded to a newer version of my photo handling software it seems that the reductions have more pixelation in them. I'll try to figure out what's going on. The little jaggies at the edges of the photos annoys me.

Through the afternoon I worked on the sermon for Bernice's funeral tomorrow. I posted audio of today's sermon. It is available at the upper left of this screen.

I forgot to turn my recorder on for the homily I gave at the wedding yesterday. Sorry. I don't know if the readers in China have access to the sermons. I hope you can get them. We are aware of the difficulties (to use too mild a word) that Christians face in China. Judging by the number and frequency of blog readers in mainland China I hope that you are able to get some benefit from this blog. We pray for the Christians there and that the Gospel will spread to the point that you can confess the faith freely. God bless you.

We had thunderstorms roar through hear very loudly at midnight and at 2am Monday morning. Hard wind, up to 2 inches of rain. No tornadoes.

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