Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Ernest R's Funeral: and No baby Yet

This afternoon was Ernest's funeral at St. Petri. It was hot. I told Wayne W that I was going to go get three cases of bottled water, but he stopped me and went and got it himself. And he brought it in coolers with ice. Thank you, Wayne. These he handed out to those who wanted at the beginning of the funeral. Quite a few of the guests at the funeral commented on what a nice thing that was and how they had never seen that before. Well, St. Petri has no air conditioning, the day was very hot, and we didn't want people to have health problems because of a funeral. To some this might be a liturgical innovation. To us it seemed like simple consideration for our guests.

I got home about 4pm. Mary had a check-up with the Dr. today. She was due yesterday. So I asked the question, "Any contractions yet?"

"Just the usual."

Yesterday we planted a few bushes in the middle of the heat of the afternoon. But we couldn't get the baby to come with this exertion.

I got up really early this morning. Read a while, made breakfast. I knew Mary was awake so I made some for her too. But by the time it was ready she wasn't out of bed. So I brought it in to her. She looked at me like "Who are you, really?" But out loud she said, "Thank you, sweetie."

Now, breakfast in bed might seem a nice wonderful thing to do for someone. But I have to admit, I was being selfish. You see, I had a funeral today, and I didn't want the complexities juggling a funeral and childbirth. So I tried to make my wife comfortable. If she's comfortable, I reasoned, then she might not go into labor. That's not to say I wouldn't make breakfast and serve it to my wife while she was still in bed simply out of love. It's just the recognition that in 18 years of marriage we can count the number of times I've actually done this on 3 fingers.

But she seemed to enjoy it.

(Unless, of course, and this is my self-doubt kicking in, she choked it down out of mere politeness and love for me. Perhaps she doesn't even enjoy eggs, hash browns, and sausage. You know, I've never asked her that. I am unworthy, unworthy, totally unworthy.)

Well, no baby yet. The kids watched Indiana Jones III tonight. It was too predictable for me so I came over to the office to finish up some work and write this. We still have colds. My sinuses are painful now. That probably means I should go to bed. So, goodnight.

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