Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Donna Baptized

For supper Monday evening, Matthew and Louisa made gluten free pies. Matt made another lemon meringue. Louisa made her first pie: banana creme. Matt's didn't make it to the table without a little vandalism. Johnny had scraped off and eaten a significant portion of the meringue.

Both pies were delicious. Good job, and congrats, Louisa on your first pie. The pies were good for filling in the cracks.

Monday morning and afternoon I spent doing household repairs and chores. My home made anvil came in handy for straightening drawer rails and some hinges.

In addition to the many other things he did, Dad helped out a great deal on a couple of the projects that required more than my hands or brain could do. Thanks very much, Dad.

Mom was so helpful around the house with all kinds of things. Thanks, Mom.

After supper we had devotion and I baptized Donna. I'm not sure when we'll have affirmation in Church. I need to ask Mary what she thinks. Probably we will wait until Donna's sponsors, Char and Dave, can come for a visit in late October.

Monday night I wrote an article for the Grygla Eagle newspaper. I did it on Baptism and why we baptized Donna. There are quite a few Pentecostals in the area. I hope this gives them some good Scripture to think about. Here's the link to the articles. If you're a Confessional Lutheran Pastor and need something for a newsletter or newspaper, go ahead. If you think an article is worth copying, please be my guest. If you find something problematic, please let me know.

Tuesday morning Mom and Dad said goodbye to us all and went home. It was so nice to have them here to spend this time with their grandchildren and with their newest grandchild.

I'm hoping to go down to their place on Sunday to harvest that ash tree. Dave, I'll try to save a piece the right size for a guitar back and sound board. Email me about the kind of piece and size that you would like and I'll try to accommodate you. But remember, I'm a wannabe amateur at all this stuff.

For a week or so the kids have been telling us that there's a bird with a nest in one of the low pine trees. We tell them, "Leave it alone." They said, "But it looks like it's made of plastic."

I invaded the bird's privacy just enough to get this photo. A beautiful Cedar Waxwing. Yes, it kind-of does look like it's made of plastic.

Brad N's mom fell today. I took Jeremy in to TR so I could do a Hospital visit. We just missed them. She was sent home with a cast on her arm. So Jeremy and I did our shopping and on the way home stopped by Brad's place to see how things were. Well, they weren't home yet. Oh, well.

I started cleaning the garage today. Hopefully I can finish tomorrow. But on the way home from TR I broke the rear suspension on my car. I didn't treat it badly. The joints were old, and the rustic road I took had grass that was tall enough to put too much drag on it. Mary and I will go to Fosston tomorrow to take it in to the guys at Rosebud Cenex to get it fixed. Dad, I'll have them check out the squeak in the steering too.

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