Monday, July 09, 2007

Dog Cage, Pseudoscorpion, and Visit

Monday is usually my day off. I didn't take a day off today. But here is some of what happened during the day.

The kids thought Grandpa and Grandma's cage for their dog "Foxy" was a nice little place to imprison Stella. She couldn't figure out how to escape. But they all wanted to take turns in the cage.

John was so excited he wet his pants in the cage. Well, we're still working on him with potty training. He comes into the house some times all excited and dancing around. We say, "Go into the bathroom, put the stool in front of the toilet, sit down, and aim." I think Mary washed the dog cage.

Mary found this critter today. It's a pseudoscorpion. They're tiny. This one I photographed on the back of a print out. You can see the 12 point font in the background. These are good critters to have around as they eat "clothes moth larvae, carpet beetle larvae, booklice, ants, mites, and small flies." I think it would be cool to see a battle between this little bug and these other bugs. But they're so small I doubt I'd ever see such a thing.

In the afternoon I took my grandparents on a visit to Henry and Betty's. Lonny popped in for a bit. It was so nice to hear Henry and my Grandpa exchanging stories about WWII. My Grandpa was a Marine deployed to the invading fleets on Tarawa and Saipan. Henry worked in Wisconsin making the munitions that Grandpa used while he was there. They spent a bit of time talking about the manufacture of the brass rings used on munitions to enable the rifling to work. Lonny was out baling hay. Betty and Henry seem a bit more fragile than they have before. Please keep them in your prayers.

I recorded some of the conversation that Henry and Grandpa had. I'm trying to make an oral history of Grandpa's time in the service during WWII. I made a CD for Grandpa last year of what he had told us. I'll see what I can produce this year. If there is interest in this, I can find a way to post the audio.

I'm glad that my Grandparents met Henry and Betty. I've thought for a long time that they would really like each other and become friends. And I'm really glad that they could meet and establish this friendship. It's so nice to be able to sit back and listen to these men and women exchange stories and opinions about such great events in history.

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