Saturday, July 14, 2007

Clara P and Betty B in the Hospital

Saturday morning as I was getting stuff together I got a call that Clara P. was in the hospital in TR with an infection. My little Clara came with to visit Clara P. There was no church at Mt. Olive today so I spent some of the morning with Clara P.

I found out later that Betty had a brief visit to the hospital in Bagley today, also for an infection.

Please keep both of them in your prayers

By the way, last week I had my days mixed up. Grandma, Grandpa, and Amber went home Thursday morning, not Wed. as I had written.

Saturday afternoon was weird. I loaded up the 5 oldest kids to take them to the 1pm showing of the latest HP movie. We got there in time, sat down, waited... "Sorry folks, the projector broke. We've got the repairman working on it right now, but if you want, we'll refund your tickets and snacks. The movie will be shown at the 4pm showing."

OK. Things happen. So I loaded up the kids and we went to visit Esther R. at the nursing home. I'd planned to do this after the movie anyway.

Esther wasn't there. Her daughter dropped by and took her out for a visit. Good for Esther!

So we went home. I did some work on my sermon. And we went back for the 4pm showing.

2 hours and 18 minutes later we went home.

It's dark. It's scary. And despite having made the kids go to the bathroom before the move and having no pop, most of them made a trip out during one or more of the scarier parts.

The Dolores Umbridge character was excellent.

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