Saturday, July 21, 2007

Church, Summer Cold, and a Wedding

This is Mt. Olive in Trail, Minnesota. It's cozy. If we pack the building we can fit maybe 80 people. The population of Trail is 63 according to the sign on the road. We have between 11 and 25 people at service on any given Saturday. That's between 17% and 40% of the population of the city.

Over the past few years communicant membership at Mt. Olive has grown. And because the congregation is small, the statistics look great to anybody who would evaluate on the basis of percentage of growth.

I have 3 to 4 kids in Saturday School each Saturday. I also have two confirmands attending class each Saturday. I want to point out that the Confirmands come because they want to, not out of parental pressure.

After worship, saturday school and confirmation class I went home. I called the funeral home to find out about planning for Ernest R's funeral. Planning will be tomorrow afternoon in TR.

Our family has a cold virus. Summer colds really take the wind out of my sail. This one has incredible sinus pain combined with a raw throat that feels like it's on fire. I've been megadosing vitamin C, B, and Ecinacia. When I got home the sinus pressure and pain were bad. Mary made an ice bag for my head and I napped until 2pm. I felt quite a bit better after the nap: enhanced of course by Ibuprofin and Pseudepinepherin.

Then it was time to eat and get ready for the wedding.

Angela and Knute are in the middle. The wedding was at 6pm this evening. It was a bit hot in the church. With my Alb on I still had rivers of sweat running down my back. I preached on the Jesus' first Miracle at a Wedding, and that Christ chose a wedding as the place for the first time He displayed His authority as the Second Person of the Trinity. The point brought home is that Christ cares about marriage. He cares enough to help out a new groom in an embarrassing situation. He cares enough to give His life as a ransom for the bride and groom present here at this wedding. And He cares enough to build their relationship through the forgiveness of sins and leading them through the troubles of life by His grace.

The reception at the Trail Pavilion was very nice. A good meal, and the breeze and temperature made the evening totally enjoyable. I got to hold Mike and Amanda's baby, Emma, for a while.

I stayed at the reception until 8pm. I came home to ask Mary one question: "Are you having any contractions?"

"Just the usual." She says.

This leaves me a bit puzzled, but I don't pursue it. She said it in a way that indicates that I ask that question way too often, and that she's not ready to go the hospital yet. Leave well enough alone, Joe.

Stella and John played with a box this evening. They liked to pretend it was a mask. Here's Stella peeking out from the box.

I had to read some of my sermon this morning. I'm going to go through it a few more times tonight so that I don't have to look at the paper in the morning.

God bless.

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