Friday, July 13, 2007

Car Repair (again) and visits

On Tuesday, after supper, I tried to split a dried ash sapling. I've never done this before either. I want to learn how to split logs and saplings to make a better bow. I think ash must be a particularly wiry wood. The split stayed true through the first three feet, then it started to taper off toward an edge so that I got a 5 foot chunk off the 7 foot sapling. Oh, well, live and learn.

Wednesday morning Grandpa, Grandma, and Amber left for home. It was really nice to have them visit. We didn't do as much fishing as we'd hoped. But we had some really great conversation and together time.

While Jeremy was out mowing the lawn he came across this tiny little Western Chorus Frog. The frog was young, though no sign of being part tadpole. We didn't get it to chirp. This frog was only about 3/4 an inch long. I got a close-up of it climbing Jeremy's arm.

Wed morning I took the car to Fosston to get the CV boot on the right side repaired. I did the left last year. Now, except for the noisy muffler, the car should be good to go.

In the afternoon I worked on sermon prep. and some audio for the shut-ins.

Thursday I took Louisa with me on shut-in calls. We were able to get to three shut-ins. I found out that Cora R. has gone back home to live with her brother. So I'll stop in there next week. I'll have to remember to get Hymnaries to the shut-ins so they can use them during the audio devotions I'm putting together.

Friday, well, Alyssa came this morning and did the bulletin. I did some filing and this afternoon I'm going out for another shut-in visit. The kids hope to do two things 1) go to the Pennington Co. fair, and 2) see the new Harry Potter movie. We have to wait until UPS comes. We ran out of check blanks last week.

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