Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Wall Cloud Monday Morning

Monday we were treated to a wonder weather phenomenon. There are two videos in this post. The first is a 35 second view of the wall cloud that came over Oak Park Monday morning, around 10:00am.

Incidentally, I looked at the statistics for my Youtube videos. I've only got 7 videos there. The most popular so far is the video of Stella falling asleep with pizza, 321 views! The Clearwater LYS Halloween video is second place with 35 views. I wonder what made Stella's Pizza sleep so popular?

The cloud moved pretty fast. We were at the table when I saw the cloud in the distance. I looked for my camera, and the cloud was already on us.

No tornadoes here, though Roseau and spots near there got hit with tornadoes.

Here's the longer video (about 4 minutes) on Google's video site.

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