Monday, June 04, 2007

VBS Schedule Done

I got done with a preparing a presentation on publishing (Penguin and V liked alliteration too). Someone remind me to write up my criticisms of "V for Vendetta" some day.

The daily schedule is on the Parish Website.

This is the second year we've gone with a VBS from Pax Domini. This year it is their VBS titled According to the Scriptures. We will probably have at most 30 students at three levels. Ione, Dawn, and I will be teaching the three levels while Alison and Trisha handle the crafts.

For those who are interested in profiling: We have 4 students of Native American descent, 2 of African American descent, 5 of French American descent, 5 of Swedish American descent, 12 of Norwegian American descent, and 1 of German American descent. We have 5 special needs children. 5 kids come from unchurched families. 6 kids come from blended families. 2 come from single parent homes. 6 are Pastor's kids. 18 have parents with advanced college degrees. 14 have a parent that is an educator. All of the kids speak the Northwestern Minnesotan dialect of English, with widely varying degrees of accentuation. 2 come from an urban area with a population greater than 8,000. 4 come from an urban area with a population greater than 60 (at last count). 8 kids come from an agricultural economic base. 15 from an industrial economic base. 4 from a construction economic base.

Yes, I'm writing to be sarcastic. That kind of profiling is what many "in touch" churches are trying to do so as to better reach out to and pat themselves on the back when they reach a certain "goal" for numbers. They reason that if they can know better who it is that they are reaching they can do a better job at tailoring their efforts to each sub-group. Balderdash. Numbers like that don't help anyone know who they are reaching out to.

I know each of these kids. The teachers know each of them. We know and love them as people redeemed by Christ. We know their families. And we know the struggles that they go through-not because of profiling-but because we know and care about each individual.