Friday, June 22, 2007

The Trip Home

Here are couple of towns we passed through on the way home.
Morton was on my way home from Mankato to mom and dads' place.

It's not a really big town. It's located on/by/in the Lower Sioux Reservation on the Minnesota River. My grandparents live there. I stopped by to see if they were home. They weren't. Which means they are probably at mom and dads'. Wikipedia actually has an article on Morton. But Morton has its own website too.

This is the main drag down Belview (which also has a wikipedia page as well as its own web page). The area where I grew up was ceded by the Lakota in the 1851 Treaty of Traverse des Sioux. It also became the battle ground during the Dakota War of 1862. The final battle, The Battle of Wood Lake, took place just 3 miles east of us-about a mile south of Gertrude Christianson's home place in Sioux Agency Twshp.

Grandpa A (my dad's dad) found a musket barrel and some other junk when he was opening the land for farming in the 1940s. Col. Sibley's men probably marched through the area our home farm is located on.

OK, enough history.
I took off for home early Friday morning with the boys. Only one photo from the trip for you. This is the dam at Swift Falls. The park is nice, that's where John had to stop on the way down.

We went through Detroit Lakes up to Red Lake Falls, so I could fill out some paperwork for a marriage license at the RL Co Courthouse. A short stop at the Library there, and then home.

My plants really needed watering when I got home. I'll have to transplant them outside soon. The tomato plants are pretty tall. The pepper plants are escaping their greenhouse. Only the cacti are still small.