Saturday, June 30, 2007 the second wedding reception and home

Mary had the camera at the fair so she could take photos there. I didn't have it during the first reception.

She picked me up in Trail around 7pm, we buzzed by home, picked up Jeremy. Changed a couple of shirts that were full of cotton candy or other signs of the fair. And we went to Goodridge.

I married Travis and Kallie last October, but for various reasons (job, education, family, etc) they waited with their reception until today.

This also was a nice gathering, though Goodridge had more mosquitoes than did Trail.

But the kids also had a great deal of fun, running around near the old train depot, dancing and such

Some of you may remember David, his neck was broken by a hay bail a year ago in January. Kallie is his sister. David has been going through a lot of different exercises and therapy. Their Mom keeps up the news about David at their Caringbridge site.

And what's a wedding reception without a dance? And what's a photojournal without some kind of National Geographic bad photos. Yeah, you know the kind of photos, the over exposed shots when it's dark out. People all blurry, lights flamingly bright.

So here's my National Geographic style shot of the empty dance floor. The columns of light are really just small white Christmas light strings, as you can see in the photo below.

We didn't stay very long. We left about 9:40. Of course, rounding up the 8 kids took a little time. We couldn't find Matthew. So we searched throughout Goodridge. That's not a big deal, it's only 5 blocks wide and 8 blocks long or so.

He was with some of the other kids at the school playground. But he didn't ask for permission. Grounded!

Here's Kallie, the bride, Courtney (her cousin), the Maid of Honor, Clara and a couple of other girls circle dancing. The little ones still don't have the discretion of knowing when to quit, so Kallie went and hid in the kitchen for a couple of songs until the little ones gave up.

Well, we got home about 10pm. I opened my door (Mary drove) and I heard psssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.

Drat! The left front tire went flat. My car is in the shop, the van is our only vehicle now. I've got church in the morning.

With daylight still shining I know that I have about 1/2 an hour to change the tire. (Yes, for you more southerly latitudes, it still is bright at 10pm this time of year) I run to get the jack and the lifts. I can't find the jack handle. Double Drat!!
Somebody must have used it as a light saber and not put it away.

I find the recking bar to use it as the handle instead. The jack's too short! Triple Drat!!! I have to get a concrete block to support it.

I run to check for the tire. Dad, I'm sorry. I realize in my desperation that I didn't get one. Quadruple Drat!!!!

After 10pm I call Brad and Lana. We know they're still up because they were babysitting their grandkids. The grandkids' parents were at the reception and we had left before them. They graciously lend us a car, drive it over. I take Brad home, go and memorize my sermon.

Something smells like cat urine. It's my hands! The cats must have gone on the jack during the winter. Quintuple Drat!!!! Soap, Alcohol, Lanolin (brand name Gunk) and at least it's not annoying anymore.

In bed by 1am. Need to get up at 6 to get to church on time in the morning.

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