Saturday, June 16, 2007

Taking things for granted

After worship at Mt. Olive, today, we would have had Saturday School and Confirmation Class. But, because of the funeral, we had to cancel classes for this day.

So let me tell you about Edwin and Stella.
Edwin and Stella are the kind of friends you want to have. They've raised the kind of family that you want to be part of.

You know how parents love to hold and tickle their small children? Somehow, through the years, as the children age a distance forms between them. Propriety sets up some barriers and it's no longer acceptable to even hug each other, though the other is a brother, sister, mother, father, son, or daughter.

From what I've seen of Edwin and Stella's children and grandchildren, they defy this convention. Not for the sake of defying it, but because they love each other.

I buried Edwin today. Just last Sunday I was over to visit Edwin and Stella. I wrote about it then on this blog. My main concern that day was Stella. But Edwin, though he had lung problems, I took for granted that he would be there next week.

It is strange how one can remember some events with such clarity and specificity. When I was visiting them last Sunday, Edwin's son, Gary, had gone through the yard on a tractor. Edwin was concerned that Gary might not know about a heifer that had recently calved.

For those of you who have never handled or been near cattle, getting between a mother cow and her calf is a very dangerous situation. It can be dealt with in ways that do not cause harm, but whoever is between the cow and the calf needs to know how to behave.
One of Edwin's main concerns since his brother Raymond passed away was the baptism of his own great grand daughter, Quin.

Quin's baptism was scheduled for this Sunday. But because of Edwin's death, this wasn't to be. Instead, we had her baptism after Edwin's committal.

Christians must be very careful about the sacraments God gave to us. We must never turn them into works that we do to please God in some way.

It was a wonderful thing to experience. On the day we celebrated Edwin's entry into heaven, we also received God's promise that He will abide with Quin through her life. She is now baptized into Christ. She has inherited eternal life through the Son of God, Who was sacrificed in her place.

Edwin is in heaven. Today we planted the seed, his body, in the ground. He will rise again because Christ himself has risen. Quin is now granted the same salvation through the means of baptism into Christ's life, death, and resurrection.

With the whole family present, this was a wonderful way to celebrate Quin's baptism and Edwin's homecoming.

May God grant that all Edwin's children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and their spouses live in the faith that they have been redeemed by the blood of the Son of God.

With regards to our own family: Mary kept the kids busy with cleaning. As a reward for good work done by all our kids, we went to Lengby's Spring Lake Park. Mary tried calling the Staffords, but they were gone.

I like Spring Lake Park. There is a beach for swimming, a boat launch, and a fishing dock. In addition to this there are a couple of rain shelters for anyone who wants to eat there and several places to grill.

We got home kind-of late. After getting the kids showered and in bed I still had several things to do in the office. This post is actually put up at 2 am on Sunday. I've back-dated it to Saturday to keep the continuity of the blog.

Sunday I go to our synod convention.

Please keep our parish and our synod in your prayers.

No one, and no thing should be taken for granted. Only God's grace to us in Jesus Christ is a sure thing. But that is only through the Word and Sacrament. Seek God where He says He may be found. And seek Him there only.