Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Sunday's Car Woes

As I was leaving Mike and Amanda's place for Emma's baptism party on Sunday, I thought the steering on my car was a bit stiff.

I got to Oklee, pulled in at the Cenex for fuel. Each turn was like the power steering got shut off somehow.

So I popped the hood.

Smoke came out. Hot steering fluid dripping on the exhaust pipes under the engine. Steering fluid sprayed all over the firewall.

I like this car a lot. I've gone as much as 360 miles on 8 gallons of gas in it. So, I want the car to get well, soon.

When I got home I diagnosed the problem, and took these pictures.

Monday we took the car in to Scott at the Oklee Cenex. He thinks he can crimp or braze the ends of the tubes together.

If not, I'll try the junk yards, ordering a new part is a last resort.

We're down to 1 vehicle at this point. Hopefully this can be taken care of before the weekend.

On this line the flexible hose end detached from the little inline flow regulator. The flexible line is long enough to cut and reattach. But I don't have the tools to do that.

Now, Tuesday afternoon, Scott isn't done with it. He's going to test it out in the morning, to see if his brazing holds.

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