Friday, June 15, 2007

Somebody had her 20th birthday

Now it's time to embarrass my wife. I love Mary. She is more than I could ever desire or ask from God. The 13th was her Nth birthday. She has no gray hair. But that would make no difference. Louisa coordinated a cake-making for her birthday.

When we celebrated I limited the number of candles to be lit. She has borne 8 children, and we have one on the way, due in mid to late July. She is the most loving, patient, kind, wise, faithful, and fun friend a person could ever hope to have.

So we went to the grocery store on her birthday. Now, this isn't my idea of a wonderful present for my wife, it just happened that we needed some groceries. So just Mary and I went. And she happened to pick out some kind of energy drink that had a funny name. She didn't think of this when she picked it out. But in the check-out lane, where we happened to be behind the parish secretary and her son, I noticed the name on the energy drink. It's here in the photo.

So I took advantage of the name of the drink and told the parish secretary that the reason Mary and I were in the grocery store on Mary's birthday was to get (insert the name of the drink).

She's going to kill me when she sees that I actually posted this.