Monday, June 18, 2007

Off To Synod Convention

Coming back home from the last service at Nazareth on Sunday I got a good photo of the kind of flooding that's been happening here. See the duck floating in the water. The water is 6 inches deep. The water is in a cow pasture. The brown things in the back on the left are the cows in the pasture sunk up to their knees.

Jeremy, Matthew, John and I got ready to take off to my parents' place down in Belview.

After eating noon dinner I put Stella down for her nap and took a nice picture for the trip. Then, we were off to southern Minnesota.

It was quite the eventful trip. It seems that Johnny's bladder can only take about 70 miles. As the whole trip is 273 miles you can calculate the stops.

I got stung by a yellow jacket at Swift Falls when we stopped at the park there for John.

So we got to Mom and Dad's around 9pm, I think. The plan is that Dad (retired) will put Jeremy and Matt to work with some fun jobs around the farm. John can play with all the different toys that he can find.

Monday morning I head off to Belview so I can ride with Pr. Faugstad to Mankato. Belview to Mankato is only slightly longer than Oklee to Grand Forks. It's not a bad commute. The road certainly has more turns and curves.

Monday of convention is 1 day late to get a good seat. Lot's of congregations skip church on this day, or have one of the elders read the sermon, so that the pastor and their delegates can get to convention.
This guy is Pr. Burmeister. He's from Kallangur, Queensland, Australia. He wasn't born there. He's originally from Winona, MN. But now he's down in the skin cancer capitol of the world where slip-slop-slap is a health campaign, where wallaby's and 'roos are worse than deer, where the moon changes phase from left to right, and where water spins down the drain backwards.

When Pr. Burmeister was in seminary he came up to our parish to help out a couple of times. It was good to have him here. We used to work together at Bethany with the InfoTech department. Now, instead of trying to explain Microsoft Outlook to someone, he's preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ to people in a nation that has become a secular/agnostic state.