Tuesday, June 26, 2007

My Smoker and Anvil

Some people spend a lot of money on things like fishing, grilling, food smokers, etc. This Brinkmann is available at Cabellas for around $180.

At Cabellas the wood chips cost $9 per 10lbs.

If we don't happen to have wood chips there are a couple of options 1) we could go to one of the city mulch sites and scoop up as much as we want of wood chips, 2) we could just get a cheap bag (40lbs for $5) of natural bark mulch.

So, the Cabella's shopper is up to about $200 for smoking some Anaheim peppers or steak, or whatever.

We get our wood cheap. But that ain't all we got cheap.

Here's my smoker. I put a bit of charcoal in the bottom, put some starter fluid on it, get it going. Soak the wood chips, and when the flame goes out drop about 2" of wood chips on top of the charcoal.

I use the trash can for a lot of things, but not for trash. It functions as an oven in camp fires as well as a smoker.

Last night we smoked a bunch of Anaheim peppers. Here's what you do. Smoke the hot peppers until they are all soft, shriveled, mushy, and dark. Soften 2 bricks of cream cheese and mush the peppers into the cream cheese. Oh man, that stuff is good.

Here's the smoker in action. Note the expensive drying rack ($1.50 at Walmart) used in this smoker.

After getting the peppers done I put our steaks in the smoker. Wow, what a nice flavor.

The kind of wood doesn't make too much difference, unless the wood is particularly aromatic. I used pine bark, that was really nice.

And being the do it yourselves kind of people we are, I thought I'd include a photo of my anvil. The chunk of rail cost me $7. Contrast that with $300 or better for a real anvil.

And it works nice.

The stump is from Henry and Betty. Thanks.


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