Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Happy 14th, Jeremy

God has graciously given us the gift of our son, Jeremy, for 14 years. We had a small party this noon. Jeremy opened gifts. I wrote his card in 3cubed code. He figured it out right away. Draw three tic-tac-toe crosses. put a dot above the second cross and two dots above the third. Put A B C in the first line of the first cross, D E F in the second, G H I in the third. J K L in the first line of the second, etc.

To write the code put down the shape of the piece of the cross in which the letter sits. If the letter sits in the second cross put a dot in the shape you made, if in the third cross put two dots.

Like I said, he figured it out right away.

Spectators for the gift opening were abundant. One of Jeremy's gifts was piano music for Pirates of the Caribbean 1. He didn't try to figure out how to play it on the piano right away. Instead, he went down to the computer and coded it as a midi file.

After the party I went off to Minneapolis for the Lutheran Free Conference which starts on Wednesday.

My paper for the conference is scheduled for Thursday.