Monday, June 11, 2007

Glow on the Horizon

It's 11:15 pm on Monday eve. There is no moon out now. But Venus is high in the sky and you can see the glow of the Sun on the horizon in the NNW to N. The sun went under the horizon at 9:29pm. But Astronomical Twilight-the time when there is no sunlight to interfere with star-gazing, won't start until 12:29am. That means there is not much time when you cannot see sunlight up here.

Sunday I had the regular 3 services at the three different churches. Today, Oak Park was hosting an 80th birthday celebration for Marlowe. It was very nice to have her family here today. They had a program for her but I had to run to my third service of the day at Nazareth. After I was done with services I got home around 1pm. Then was time to change the belt on the riding lawn mower. Jeremy helped me. But he blade carriage seems to be twisted left forward and right back.

I went to Edwin and Stella's this afternoon. Stella has had some health problems lately. But she seems fairly positive about how she is doing. While I was at Edwin and Stella's I got a phone call that Maggie B's mother had died.

Maggie's mother had been diagnosed with a kind of pancreatic and bile-duct cancer. The doctors though she had about 6 months to live. They were wrong by about 2 months. She went sooner than we expected. And Maggie was not able to be there with her mom as she had hoped. Please keep Maggie and her family in your prayers.

I visited with Maggie and Lonny for a while. Maggie is going down to her dad. They live in Arizona. After visiting Lonny and Maggie I went to Henry and Betty's.

Henry had a bad time today. During the service at Nazareth he had blacked out. Maggie helped him during the service. He didn't want any medical attention.

Betty seems fairly strong. But she seems to have become more forgetful.

Betty is at home now, even though her congestive heart failure is very troublesome. She gets winded very easily. Please keep her and Henry in your prayers.

I took all these photos on the way home today. I felt a little bit overwhelmed with grief for these members of my congregations.

The first two photos are in Henry and Betty's yard, of their cows and a redwing blackbird at the end of their driveway. There were a lot of Jack-Rabbits on Dean H's land Sunday afternoon.

The next photo is of the rice paddies and a few swans steaking out the remaining territory in the water. And the cattle are some of Gail H's on the way home. The last photo is of some sandhill cranes next to our house.

While I was driving home that Sunday evening I though that there is not so much beauty in the African Serengeti plain. And where we live is a unique and exotic place in this world. I am struck by the beauty of this area.

Oh, I forgot to mention that when I got home Friday that John was washing his big-wheel tricycle. I was gone for three days. I got home, saw John by the house and said, "Hi John, I love you, I missed you." He said, "I'm washing my bike." He was camped out by the faucet on the front of the house and had our car-washing brush in hand. He was determinedly scrubbing his trike.