Friday, June 29, 2007

Gardening and Camp

Mary went down to Luther Island Camp this morning to get the kids. I stayed home with Elsie and the younger ones.

I had them do chores during the morning. Then, just before giving them a movie as a reward for a good job done, I took them out to water all the plants and harvest strawberries.

This first photo is of Mary's flower bed beside the deck. I don't know which flower is which--except that there are some orange, some blue, some violet, and some reddish flowers here.

I planted tomatoes and Thai hot chillis next to Mary's tomatoes.

Yes, these are also mosquito hatcheries. We'll keep some vegetable oil or soap in them if they get water in them.

The campers got home around 3:15pm (I think). They all claimed to have had a good time, but they all looked pretty tired and worn out to me.

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Babs said...

The tire in the second picture from the top? The one that looks a little flattened and droopy? I'm gonna name that one, 'Joe'. After all you've had on your plate, you must feel a lot like this tire!
Have a good evening and enjoy a day off Tuesday....maybe Wednesday, too.