Friday, June 29, 2007

Friday Eve Wedding Rehersal

Friday evening was one of the few evenings so far this summer that the bikers could take their hogs out in nice weather (that is, if thick mosquitoes are not considered).

So, for wedding rehearsal that evening, some of the members of Shawn and Becky's entourage came on bike. After cleaning their teeth, everyone was ready for the practice.

The practice helps the members of the entourage know what to expect when, how to move so that there are no accidents, and the timing of everything.

The rehearsal went quick and smoothly. It'll be Shawn and Becky's big day on Saturday.

I'm kind of nervous. It's not my first time solemnizing a marriage. It's only the second time that I've played guitar for a wedding. Yes, I performed the ceremony, but I was also asked to play the Prelude to Bach's Cello Suite No. 1 (BWV 1007) during the lighting of the Unity Candle.

The last time I played for a wedding was for Kristy and John, in 1989. That was Pachelbel's Canon in D. I've played occasionally for church services (Christmas and an occasional Psalm selection), but nothing this complex (for me) in a long time.

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