Saturday, June 23, 2007

Flax and Tree Frog

Saturday I held worship at Mt. Olive, Saturday School, and Confirmation Class. The afternoon was filled with a variety of tasks. I needed to complete the bulletin (Mt. Olive went without this week) and the July Calendar (again, Mt. Olive went without).

Some might wonder why I labeled this post Bowyering. The answer is in this first photograph. This is of my flax bed. I'm growing flax to make a Flemmish bow string.
A fortunate happenstance, at my dad's farm there was a windfall Ash tree. The trunk is almost 2 feet in diameter. It broke off at about 7 feet high. There is plenty of wood there for many bow staves, if only I can harvest it soon. I hope to go back down to their place in early July to cut the trunk and split the wood.

In the evening when I went back to the office this little critter was standing on the concrete block at the entrance to my office. Some readers will be familiar with my frog entries from last year. This one looks like a different species from those I posted previously.
Possibly this is a lean young Cope's gray treefrog, or a Gray treefrog. I don't know which.

Thursday, after convention, my grandparents were at Mom and Dad's. One of the topics of conversation was frogs. They had claimed that there were no frogs found anywhere. Well, there are a whole lotta frogs where we live. You can hear them every night, at least three different species can be made out by their songs alone. But we live in a huge swamp. The other sound that one hears at dusk (which is quite late in the evening these days) is the high pitched hum of mosquitoes.

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