Thursday, June 14, 2007

Flashback to Friday, June 8

The Lutheran Youth Society generates its own income by doing several different kinds of services. The main source of income for the youth groups is a car wash. One car wash was held the a week earlier at Grygla. This photo is from the car wash at Oak Park.

The Clearwater youth groups thank everyone who brought their cars for these events. Several people donated more money than was asked for the service of cleaning their cars. Thank you very much.

The money donated through these events goes toward several different things. The kids use this to off-set the expense of going to Bible Camp, Choir Camp, and some of the simple just-for-fun events like skiing and tubing down the river.

Our youth groups have monthly meetings during the school year. At these meetings we work to teach the youth from the Bible and work to teach them how to interact with the various different parts of society that they will face as adults.

One youth group outing that we do is taking the kids to a courtroom session. At this outing they sit through most of a courtroom day. After sitting through court we discuss the Three Estates: Church, Secular, and Household government. We note the similarities and differences between Liturgical worship in the layout of the courtroom, the use of repeated words, and the vestments of officials.

There are innumerable lessons that can be learned and taught from such an event about the nature of sin, forgiveness, and ritual. For any Pastors who read this blog, I hope you can see the benefit of such a learning situation.

I want to extend thanks to all the kids involve with the carwashes and the adults who facilitated the carwashes. And thanks to all those who helped out our youth groups by bringing their cars to be washed and those also who donated extra. Thank you.