Thursday, June 21, 2007

Convention week stuff

I'm not going to be posting on convention business in this blog. There were a number of positive and negative things that took place. But that will be the business of my congregations, not the general public.

Matthew lost a tooth on Monday-a molar. He was particularly proud of it and put it in a Tic-Tac box for safe keeping.

John liked being at Grandpa and Grandmas' place. "They have lots of really, really, really, neat stuff." The corn in their garden is as tall as John. There really is a marked difference in growing season from Belview (273 miles south of) to Oklee.

This week the moon, Saturn, and Venus were all aligned kind of close on the elliptic. Monday night the moon was between the planets. Wednesday night the moon was way to the east of the planets. Here's a shot of the moon and Venus above my parent's house on Wednesday evening. Sorry it's kind of shaky, I didn't have a tripod.

I sat down in my bath on Wed night and experienced a pain. I've used this tub off and on since 1972. It has never caused me this kind of pain. I reach down and search the water. What do you think I find? Matthew's tooth. As Sarge would say to Beetle Bailey "%&@#!!"

Here are some photos of old friends from Madison, Wisconsin. I didn't ask them if they wanted their names here, so I'll leave the names out. But we grew close to this couple while we lived in Madison and attended Grace Lutheran. We missed seeing the other couple from Grace who also usually come to the convention.

Along with a lot of different greetings and such come the goof-ball pastors.

In this shot we have Prs. Krikava and Jacobsen. Pr. Jacobsen is the one who looks more like Sean Connery. Krikava comes from the East Coast, Jacobsen from the West.

Yah, I know that this entry lacks any real information. Whaddayawant? Anyway, Friday morning, we start off for home.