Sunday, June 03, 2007

Another Confirmation

Tasha was confirmed at Mt. Olive on Saturday. Congratulations, Tasha. Please keep her in your prayers.

Betty is still in the hospital, but Henry reports that she seems to be responding positively to treatment. There is some hope that she can come home on Monday.

Tasha's Grandparents threw a nice dinner and party for her at the Trail VFW. Sylvia went to special work to make sure there was food that I could eat. Thank you, Sylvia.

Saturday afternoon we did a lot of yard/garden work, and I finished off the last section of my paper for this coming week.

Three different sermons from Thursday to Sunday with the visitation, funeral, and weekend services. I'm finally back to posting a recording of the sermon on the web. A link for the podcast should show up at the top left of this web page. I'm trying out the service at I don't know if it comes through well for those of you who are on lower bandwidth. Leave some feedback at the podcast site. I've got the comments open on that site for now. Hopefully no one will abuse it. I'll turn the comments of if it gets messed with.

Sunday was a beautiful day with plenty of sunburn time. I got done with church around 1:00. Mary and the kids had eaten at Oak Park's benefit for David Sparby. The Northern Watch has an article on David and what's being done for him. And his mother keeps news about David at the Caringbridge website.

Saturday morning I found out that John and Sophie had been playing in my car. The battery was nearly dead. I turned the key and the car said, "uh-uh, no-waaaaay." So I quick grab my church junk and get in the van. Sunday afternoon I did a rolling start for the car (I'm glad it's a manual transmission and that we have enough of a hill to do this). I let the car run to charge up the battery. Then I locked the doors. Gotta remember that. Lock the doors.

Mary heard some ratchet sounds and looked around. She saw John under the van pretending to work on it. She couldn't get the camera quick enough. He is such a motor-head. Well, we warned him not to play under vehicles and never to turn any of the bolts, nuts, switches or the like on any of the vehicles or equipment. He did remind me that I have to open up the snowblower to see what needs fixing. I'd best do that when it's warm out.

I got a stump from Henry and put my little chunk of rail on it for my anvil. I've still got to rig up my coal and blower assembly. But I got out our battered garden tiller and did a little straightening on its wheel. But I can tell I'm going to need some hot coals to finish the job.

By the way, who was the genius that thought up putting tubeless tires on a wheelbarrow? A lot of soap, a couple of extra hands to pinch the tire (thanks, Mary) and we got the bead sealed and the tire inflated.

My flax is starting to grow. I transplanted some of my tomatoes last week. Looks like the cats decided to have a fight on one of them. I've got more seedlings to plant yet. And I still have to get my Thai peppers put in the ground.

Well, tomorrow I've gotta get the material ready for the VBS teachers. There's a meeting at 7:30pm tomorrow. So I'd better be ready.

Alison, I'll stop by sometime monday morning or early afternoon to pick up the material that you have. We haven't yet decided if Matt can visit Jake.