Friday, May 25, 2007

Tired of the Caribbean

Wednesday evening Matthew and Jeremy took me to the "early" showing of Pirates 3. When I write that they "took me" I mean that they paid for my ticket and the gas. Thanks, boys.

The showing was supposed to have started at 9:45 pm. We got there half an hour early so as to be sure to get in. The line went all the way down the block. At 9:30 the sign was switched to say the showing started at 10pm. We still had almost half a block to go. At 10pm we got in, found three seats. And more people kept coming.

The ushers scooted everyone over so open seats could be made available. We didn't get any treats. Any parent should be able to do the math: 2 boys + 64 oz of caffeinated sugar-water X 2hours and 47 minutes of movie = a minimum of 3 bathroom trips.

At 10:20pm the previews started. At 10:32pm the actual movie started. At 1:20 am we were able to stand and get the blood back into our lower extremeties. The Fosston theater is about 35 miles from home. So, just after 2am we crawled into our beds.

I was a little cranky Thursday. I took some extra vitamin B and some Advil. I did enjoy the movie. Though I kind of hoped Jack the undead monkey would become the next captain of the Flying Dutchman. But I won't go to a late evening opener again. It gets my biorhythms all out of whack.