Sunday, May 20, 2007

My Sweater was inside-out today

I know. I haven't posted in a while. Actually, I just realized this the night before last. I've had a bit going on.

Last Friday-Sat I had a couple of hospital calls, and a hard drive crash.

Saturday we went to Brett C's graduation party. Sunday we went to Tylor C's and Trisha B's confirmation parties.

Sunday, after attending the parties, I took Jeremy down to Grandpa and Grandma A's.
Monday Jeremy and I went to Hydropolis (Watertown), SD to look at Great Plains Lutheran High School. We got home about supper time, and I had another hospital call. Also, Evelyn M. died today.

Tuesday was funeral planning and writing. I also fixed the computer.

Wed I wrote a lot, had the last Wed school and the closing supper.

Thursday was Evelyn's funeral and weekend sermon prep.

Friday a thunderstorm killed the computer I just fixed. Yes, it was on a surge protector. But it's dead. Hopefully I can get the data off the drive.

Saturday, Church at Mt. Olive. Confirmation Class, home. Go get a new computer. Get it home, (Sophie and John helped to bring it home) find out that someone else had owned it and left all his photos, email, and documents on it. (Thanks a lot, Wal-Mart).

Sunday, three services, as usual. Matt and I counted the number of regular services I've done since coming here. 4 per weekend at 50 weeks per year. 22 Lenten/year, 30 wed school vespers/year, 6-10 VBS services/year, and 4 special Christmas servies/year. It averages out to about 260 regular services per year not counting weddings, funerals, shut-ins, baptisms, and such. I was installed here Dec 2, 2001. That's 6 years and 5 months. 6x260=1380 + this lent and 5 months' regular weekend services (22 lenten+ {[5 months x 4weeks] + 2weeks} x 4 services)=110. So that makes about 1490 or about 1500 regular services since I came here.

And today I accidentally put my sweater on inside out. Nobody commented on it. I didn't know until I got home and my wife pointed it out. True, most of the time I was in a robe, so people wouldn't notice. But, well, after services I don't wear my robe. Evidently the people didn't notice, or they were too polite to comment, or they just accept that I might do something dumb like that once in a while.