Monday, May 07, 2007

Last Lawnmower

Another back-post. This one also written on Thrusday.

Monday I went to get back the last of our 3 lawn mowers. I took some of the kids with me.

Once we got home we were able to have all of the mowers going. When the kids really are interested, it only takes about 4 or 5 hours total to get the whole lawn mowed.

Anyway, this picture is of a type of plant in our pasture. I think it's rather pretty. Some of you might recognize it right away.

The scale of the photo might be deceptive, go by morphology, not size.

I took the oldest 4 kids to see Spidey 3. I did enjoy it a second time. This time I noticed Stan Lee's cameo appearance. Again, thank you, Stan.

And Stan, I'm a student, co-worker, and friend of Bill Bukowski. If that helps in any way to get your autograph. Well, anyway, thanks for the movie.

I've got some more "identify the plant" posts coming up. Hope you enjoy. (I know that there are a couple of readers out there who get just a little miffed if I don't post something every day, or every other day. To those I say, get your own life back. I'll post here when I have time. Sometimes even my own family takes priority. Anyway, I update this when I have time.)