Sunday, April 29, 2007

Sunday and Blog Stats

Sunday was pretty busy. After the three monring services I got home around 12:30. It was a quick meal and then off to Lengby, MN for our Circuit #8 lay conference.

We hold a conference for the lay members of all our congregations each year. Sometimes we have a guest speaker. Sometimes the pastors present topics. This year we invited Pr. Jerome Gernander to present on Paul Gerhard's hyms. I was asked to present on Closed Communion.

Pr. Gernander had a pastoral conflict and was unable to attend, but Pr. Stafford presented Pr. Gernander's paper in his place. I presented on the Biblical teaching of Closed Communion and the reasons which God gives in His Word for Closed Communion.

After the conference we had a meal. St. Paul's, Lengby hosted this year. It was very enjoyable and very beneficial.

We got home around 7:30pm.

So, let's do a roundup on who's been reading this blog and my theological blog during the month of April.

This month theabrahamsons has had 683 visits. These visits came mostly from the U.S.A. but there were some also from other countries: Niteroi, Brazil; Stockholm, Sweeden; Den Haag, Netherlands; Paris, France; Lydiard Millicent, U.K.; Zhumadian, Linyi, Qingdao, Shijihazhuang, Hebei, Beijing, and Shenyang in China.
63% of our traffic has been directly requested by the readers. A full 90% is return traffic. Our second largest source of traffic comes from Pr. Jesse Jacobsen's blog titled the plucked chicken. I have had Pr. Jacobsen's blog listed in my side-bar for quite some time now. He approaches the issues in the ELS in such a gentle, simple, and charitable way. And his wit is several orders of magnitude greater than anyone else I have met. There are a couple of other sources through which people find out about this blog.

My theological blog "diatheke" had 158 visits during April. Aside from the many readers in the continental U.S. we picked up a new reader from Fairbanks, Alaska. Foreign readers came from Rio de Janeiro, and Sao Paulo, Brazil; Erina and Mitchelton, Australia; Nikaia, Greece (a suburb of Athens); Budapest, Hungary; and Stadtwald, Germany (by Frankfurt).

About 63% of the visitors were returning visitors.
Most came to the page directly, meaning they have it bookmarked. Some got to it through the family/parish blog

Some came through This happened, I think, because Redeemer, Ft. Wayne listed the blogs from Aardvarkalley. And, for some reason, Diatheke made the listings on Aardvark Alley. Aardvark Alley is a worthwhile blog that focuses on teaching the historical confessional Lutheran Liturgical practice. It is a useful blog for me. And, though I don't know the author, nor have I ever contacted him, it is very considerate for him to mention my theological blog.

So, to the Aardvark, who calls himself "Orycteropus Afer" (Latin for "aardvark"), Thank you.