Monday, April 16, 2007

Quasimodogeniti, or St. Thomas

This weekend the name for this Sunday is Quasimodogeniti "As New born babes."

The Gospel lesson is Jn. 20:19-35. I'm preaching on the Epistle I John 5 and the the Three that testify on Earth: The Spirit, the water and the blood. The Gospel lesson brings home the nature of faith and in the closing passages focuses on the testimony of the Spirit through the written witness of the Apostles. The Old Testament Lesson, Job 20 focuses on Job's faith in the resurrection, but the two verses just before the lection also testify to the written testimony of the Holy Spirit.

After Church at Mt. Olive there was some other thing that came up. Mary and I watched Galaxyquest. She'd never seen it, and I quote from it so often. She "made me" watch Sense and Sensibility with her previously (actually, I enjoy the movie quite a bit). Alan Rickman is in both movies (as well as playing "Snape" in Harry Potter). I think she enjoyed his character in Galaxyquest.

What to do with used water bottles? Rinse them out (occasionally with a little bleach or campden tablets), fill them with water and put in a teabag. Let them sit overnight in the fridge and BANG! Ice tea!

Do remember to steralize them fairly often. Especially if they sit in a hot car.