Monday, April 16, 2007

I'm not slacking, just posting slow

This was written Monday the 16th, backdated to keep the sequence.

Tuesday (4/10) two trips to TR, both hospital trips. The morning one took a long time. Rod B. had surgery this morning. Possible cancer. The surgery took a long time. Most of the family was there. The surgery was successfull. We'll wait for a pathology report. Now he has to recover from surgery. Please keep him in your prayers. I stopped back later to check on him when he was coherent.

Wednesday (4/11) sermon prep and Wed. School.

Thursday (4/12) more hospital calls. Sorry, can't release much info. I checked in on Rod. He's having some difficulties but the dr. says they're not unusual. Shirley V. had surgery in Fargo on Monday, today she was tranferred to Fosston. She had back surgery. Her sister called me tonight to let me know about the transfer.

Friday (4/12) more hospital calls. Went to Fosston to see Shirley and get some photos developed. Shirley's doing well, but she needs therapy to retrain her back muscles. I finished up the bulletin this evening. Betty is home now. She didn't have pneumonia, he was suffering from congestive heart failure. She's still in delicate condition. Please also keep Shirley and Betty in your prayers.