Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Hospital Calls

Wednesday was pretty busy. Muriel has surgery today. I left for the hospital Crookston at 7:15am. Lyle is staying in the nursing home attached to the hospital for Muriel's surgery and recovery. She's having some work done on her back and is pretty optimistic about the surgery. Lyle thinks his bed in the nursing home is pretty rotten. I got back around 11am.

Mary told me she got a call that that Hilda H. is in the hospital at TR and is in a bad way. Matt made me some really good eggs, sausage, toast, and coffee. Then I was off to TR.

Hilda is in a bad way. She is getting out of ICU today, but she's got multiple problems. About 6 years ago she had surgery after which her lungs had refused to work. She's been able to relearn how to breathe, but she is very delicate. Norris, Marlene, and Mavis (her husband and daughters) were there with her when I got there. Any infection is a major infection for Hilda in her delicate state. Please keep her in your prayers.

I stopped in to see Rod while I was there. Good news! He's going home today. He still has to meet with an Oncologist soon. And he still has some special care in healing from his surgery. But things are looking pretty good.

I got home around 2pm, (200+ miles today) tried to talk with Mary and woke up at 3:05 in time to prepare for Wednesday School. WS went well.

Louisa has had the original "Parent Trap" movie checked out of the library for a couple of weeks now and has been waiting for me to watch it with her. But even tonight there was too much to do, and we got done with family time and devotion at 9:30. Maybe tomorrow morning we can do that together.

I'm over at the office tying up some loose ends (and writing this). Now it's time to sleep.

Good night.